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Who Is Psychic Medium Queen

Psychic Medium has introduced a new, thought provoking approach to the world. As a Medium, Healer, Spiritual teacher, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Counselor, and MORE! she has, over the last two decades, helped 100s of thousands with her uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have …

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Top Tier Spiritual Guidance & Counsel

As a experienced psychic medium, Queen offers holistic services to help you develop spirituality through meditation techniques, give you tools to aid in your healing through readings that will provide insight, peace of mind, and clarity towards any problem you’re currently facing.

Romantic and Twin Flame Readings

Do you beleive you have found your twin? A Twin flame relationship is the most intense, soul wrenching, rewarding, relationship you will ever encounter. Without the knolwedge of how to navigate this connection. It will leave you feeling broken, hurt, and alone; If you are not aware of its cycles. You will need …

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Ashley Marie

Psychic Medium Queen is hands down the best psychic I have ever spoken to!! I have had several readings with her, and I plan to have many …

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Spiritual Products

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Omg…where do I even begin? Being read by Queen and working with Queen has been AMAZING! Truly a blessing. My bestie recommended Queen to me after having an …Read more

Jun 9, 2021

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*Serious inquiries only* Send a message when prepared to book a reading. A message will be sent to Psychic Medium Queen and she will contact you via email. Please ask for reading availability as bookings on this site are requests not guaruntees. Bookings are scheduled according to availibility. Spots are limited. Bookings are only placed on this website or via email only. Psychic Medium Queen is not on instagram.

Please Note: Messages un-related to readings will not be answered. If this messaging system is abused you will not be able to send messages to psychic medium queen. Abuse of messaging include- inquries not related to booking and messaging with no desire to book. Thank you for your consideration.

~The Team of Psychic Medium Queen 

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