Terms and Conditions

When Booking any session with Psychic Medium Queen the client is agreeing to the terms below. You are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age or older when purchasing a reading or coaching session. In no way does Psychic Medium Queen guarantee or is to be held liable for what manifests in your life by acts of your own free will, other people, or karma. Her readings are to be used as tools, and a liaison in enhancing ones life spiritually and positively. Due to Legal reasons we must state private readings and coaching sessions are for entertainment purposes only, so there are no guarantees implied or stated. Readings and coaching sessions are not to be used as substitutions for professional, legal, medical, psychiatric advice and or care. Clients are asked to seek the advice of a medically trained professional about any and all health concerns. All readings and coaching sessions and communications are subject to the clients interpretation. When entering into a reading you are willing to take the messages as they are delivered. Cards may indicate themes of particular connections, but that is up to the individual to decide what to do with the messages they receive. Psychic Medium Queen will never try to disapprove or make decisions about your beliefs, your life, and your connections. Once a session is booked there are no refunds, unless at any time during the process or during the reading for any reason psychic medium Queen is unable to connect or decides not to move forward for any reason during the process. At which time a full refund will be rendered. Psychic medium Queen reserves the right to refuse service for any reason at any given time. Once a client has requested to book a session payment is due at that time even if your appointment is days away or months away payment is due immediately to reserve the requested spot. Should you need to reschedule your appointment please contact Queen asap or no later than 4 hours in advance of your appointment. So you, the client and Psychic Medium Queen can agree to a new mutually agreed scheduled date and time. If you are more that 10 minutes late that counts as a missed appointment and payment will still be due in full to fulfill the slot that had been requested and booked. Psychic Medium Queen is booked days and months in advance. It is your responsibility to keep track of of the agreed upon time of your appointment as well consider your time zone when booking an appointment as service hours are PST. Also consider time changes when booking an appointment (daylight savings time) requests for bookings on this site are not guaranteed, they are simply used as a liaison for a requested booking. Readings and sessions are contingent upon the times and dates Psychic Medium Queen has available. Please wait for further response from her via email or text to further book and solidify your appointment.There are no chargebacks, cancellations, please make sure you are in full agreement before proceeding. if you agree to these terms of service, please continue the request for your booking.
*Please Note: Bookings are based on availibility of psychicmediumqueen. this site serves as a liason between Queen and you the client solely. Feel free to email her directlty at [email protected] once you have viewed and agreed to these terms and services. Thank You.