✨Spiritual Bath Salts ✨

After a long day we can be mentally and physically drained and need time to decompress our body and mind. PMQ ESSENTIALS Full Body Cleanse and intentional bath salts are made for just that!! But do such much MORE as they are attuned and blessed specifically to your personal energy by international Psychic Medium, Psychic Medium Queen.PMQ ESSENTIALS Full Body Cleanse and intentional bath salts are made with Epsom Salt a mineral Magnesium Sulfate in crystal form. Epsom salt is known for its therapeutic properties to ease aches and pains.

PMQ ESSENTIALS Full Body Cleanse and intentional bath salts are scented with essential oils of your choosing (When specially made to order) These Essential oils work to sooth pain in your body, reduce anxiety, and place you in a relaxed state. With custom bath salts by PMQ Essentials, You will have a wide array of spiritual baths to choose from that include but are not limited to rose petals, lavender, jasmine flowers, peony roses, dry peels, and Herbs. Sealed with a blessing specifically for you to magnify the intentions you desire: Such as love, money, abundance, spiritual growth protection, and MORE. This is your all in one Spiritual Bath! Set the intentions you desire! ✨

How to Use: Bath salts dissolve in water, pour the desired amount in a warm bath and soak 15-20 minutes or more to your liking. Light a candle and enjoy! 🛀

The Benefits of Aromatic Baths: Sea salts and essential oils are a wonderful synergistic combination. The relaxing properties of hot water compliment the effects of bath salts and essential oils. Aromatic baths provide relief from stress and anxiety, assist with muscle and joint pains, and treat symptoms of severe skin conditions. The therapeutic benefits of salt baths are often recommended by medical professionals for treating an array of medical conditions.Aromatherapy is the practice of controlled use of essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual well being. As a holistic medicine, aromatherapy is both a preventative practice as well as a useful treatment during acute and chronic stages of illness.Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts distilled from a variety of plant material including leaves, flowers, fruit peels, grasses, wood and roots.This listing is for 6-8oz Bath Salts For legal purposes: No medical claims, guarantees, promises, or cures of diseases or illness are stated or implied. Always seek the advice of a medical professional for severe sympt

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