Japanese Cherry Blossom Bundle (W/Protection lotion)

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bundle (W/Protection lotion)

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bundle (W/Protection lotion)

Keep your skin nourished and your energy protect with PMQ ESSENTIALS lotion. Soothe your soul while softening your skin. This lotion is extremely calming as it features beautiful notes of Japanese cherry blossom essential oil and is made for the most sensitive of skin. More importantly it is blessed to create a barrier of protection around you at all times. To keep entities and those who wish you harm at bay! walk in spiritual confidence knowing your battles are always being won with this spiritual protection lotion. Available in 8oz 

Also included, spiritual body scrub. To Scrub away the old and bring for the new. Give yourself a spiritual oasis, cleansing, and connection with spirit like never before with PMQ ESSENTIALS spiritual scrub. 

Blessed and tailored to your energy.

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