PMQ Sage Spray/Clearing intention Kit (White Sage Large Kit

PMQ Sage Spray/Clearing intention Kit (White Sage Large Kit

PMQ Sage Spray/Clearing intention Kit (White Sage Large Kit

Large Clearing/Intention Bundle: 4 White sage smudge, 2 clary and lavendar sage intention spray (infused) and 5 palo santo.

  • This Clary Sage and Lavender spray is blessed and infused with powerful healing crystals. Spray this spray around your aura (over your shoulder, your head, and your other shoulder) and experience instant peace and clearing of negative energy. 

  • White Sage: cleanses a person, and space. Gets rid of unwanted spirits and negative energies.

  • Palo Santo: Burning Palo santo aids in pain relief, inflammation, and stress. Also use this holy wood to clear negative energy.

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