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Psychic Medium has introduced a new, thought provoking approach to the world. As a Medium, Healer, Spiritual teacher, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Counselor, and MORE! she has, over the last two decades, helped 100s of thousands with her uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side. With over 23 years of experience. She is revered as a prophetess of this time who has be sent to aid others and re-define what we call psychic. A reading with Psychic Medium Queen has been defined as, deeply compelling, emotionally intimate, and so accurate its bone chillingly startling! Psychic Medium Queens down-to-earth approach makes her so personable you will feel as if you have known her for years! Many refer to her as their psychic BFF! As a natural born medium Queen is gifted by God. She reads in a way that is fleeting. Putting her in the top tier readers of our nation as the best of the best! Her slogan is real "Don't tell me i'll tell you!" No birthdays or information is needed or required. Just come with an open heart and ears to receive and Spirit will tell you all you need to know through Psychic Medium Queen. 

In 2020, Psychic Medium Queen decided to expand her reach to the collective by emerging on social media to share her gifts with the world. Since January 2020 she has captivated millions of souls online. Aiding in the transformation of lives all over the globe! Her very first youtube video was about Kobe Bryant; which was proven accurate by ET tonight just 18 hours after she uploaded it. A follow up video would find Psychic Medium Queen bringing solace, hope, and closure to hearts of 60,000 people who mourned Kobe bryant's loss. Her predictions manifested from that reading just two days after it was posted. Since launching her YouTube it has opened the doors to new souls enlightenment and new clientele. She has aided in bringing home missing persons, given tools to those in need of healing, given closure to family members and friends for those who have crossed over. Psychic Medium Queen is one of the nations foremost Natural Born psychic mediums. Many followers have described her mediumship abilities as mind blowing! taking on characteristics of their family members, knowing where they were laid to rest, how they passed away, how they looked and more!

 Cathy schuslinger- She was able to not only describe my father from head to toe! but she knew where he sat in our home! she described the chair he sat in, she even knew he used oxygen to breathe! she gave me closure about the way he treated me as child. which made me burst into tears! In that same reading she channeled my mother and 3 others that had died tragically. She was 1000% accurate! i feel forever indebted to her for the messages and closure she had given me! a 50 year wound can finally heal! thank you Queen!

Lily Johnson- She aided in bringing my little brother home! she knew who was involved and even described where he was located! she in insanely gifted! 

Chad Simmons- My family was afraid during the hurricanes as many had lost their lives. We desperately tried to locate our loved one to ensure his safety. I sought out Psychic Medium Queen and she said he was alive. We found exactly one week later he indeed was!!

Shenille Sims- She has been 100% accurate with no info from me ever! her predictions have manifested every time! She has changed my life for the better! i have done a complete 360 since enlisting her counsel.

Jessica Samuels- She blows me away every time! My cousin was murdered and Queen was able to see what occurred with no information from me, she even described where he was buried and who he was next too! When she saw what he was buried in. i couldn't hold back the tears! she described his suit, and the color of it. She took on his mannerisms and said things i knew only he would say. She is beyond the "real deal" i seriously believe we are entertaining an earth angel! no amount of money can say thank you for the peace she has given me!

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