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General Group Reading (2 people)

Need help, guidance, answers, in love, marriage? or any matter that may be concerning you right now but don't want to go it alone? Schedule a group session for you and your loved one to have an objective position to the heart of the matter. No one can give clarity like spirit can. You cant seek a psychiatrist or counselor out for what spirit gives on a soul level because it knows you best. No information will be needed or required from the pair of you because spirit will already know what you came for, and will give the answers to what you seek. After the reading, You will walk away with answers and tools to aid you on your path. Most importantly, you will feel better than when you came. Come with an open heart, mind, and ears to receive what spirit it has for you. Please come calm and trust that you are in good hands with Queen and spirit. 

$250.00 60 minutes

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