90 Minute General Reading

90 Minute General Reading

90 Minute General Reading

A lot of you all have requested longer reading times because 1 hour is just not long enough anymore. you all are enjoying your readings so much with Psychic Medium Queen! Well she is here to deliver! 

Book a 1.5 hour reading with Queen and get a ✨FREE ✨ Recording with your reading! 

Need help, guidance, answers, in love and relationship? or any matter that may be concerning you right now. Then a general is what you need. No information is needed or required because spirit knows what you came for, and will give the answers to what you seek. After the reading, You will walk away with answers and tools to aid you on your path. Most importantly, you will feel better than when you came. Come with an open heart, mind, and ears to receive what spirit it has for you. .

Please See Terms and Conditions before proceeding. Please Note booking times requested may not be available. Booking is based on Psychic Medium Queens availability. Please wait for a response to your booking request via email from psychic medium Queen to finalize a time that works best for the pair of you. She will set your appointment and take your payment personally. Payment must be rendered in full at the time the appointment is set to reserve your slot. All Sessions are held by phone. No information is needed to render your reading. All readings are set via PST. Skype calls available for international calls.

Message Psychic Medium Queen to request a reading

*Serious inquiries only* Send a message when prepared to book a reading. A message will be sent to Psychic Medium Queen and she will contact you via email. Please ask for reading availability as bookings on this site are requests not guarantees. Bookings are scheduled according to availability. Spots are limited. Bookings are only requested on this website via email only. Psychic Medium Queen is not on Instagram.

Please Note: Messages un-related to readings will not be answered. If this messaging system is abused you will not be able to send messages to psychic medium queen. Abuse of messaging include- inquries not related to booking and messaging with no desire to book. Thank you for your consideration.

~The Team of Psychic Medium Queen 

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