Protection Soap -  Aloe Charcoal

Protection Soap

Protection Soap -  Aloe Charcoal
Aloe Charcoal


Spiritually blessed to build a protective wall around you. Covers you when performing any and all spiritual work. Aids in any situation where you may be experiencing fear. Dispels dark energies and keeps a powerful barrier around your aura to protect you from dark entities and energies. Highly blessed and beautifully scented.

How to use: Use in a traditional bath or shower to create a layer of protection daily, or use to wash your hands before performing any and all spiritiual work for protection.

Scents available:

Ylang Ylang: Soft fragrance. Natural ylang ylang oil mixed with lavender undertones. Contains lavender as an exfoliant for beautiful skin.

Blue waters: (Masculine Scent) Smells like cool water cologne 

 Aloe Charcoal- A mild unisex fragrance. Fresh, soft, and clean. Also great for clearing skin.

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